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Welcome to the International Cornish Breeders Association (ICBA).  The Objectives of the ICBA are:

  • To encourage the breeding, exhibiting and preservation of all varieties of Cornish.
  • To create friendship and cooperation among breeders
  • To hold Cornish breed meets to inform the public about our breed and promote competition among our breeders as inducement to them to produce better Cornish
  • To join in united efforts to make the Cornish the most popular and lasting of all breeds.


2014 Eastern National Cornish Meet 2014 Western National Cornish Meet
Ohio National       Oklahoma State Poultry Federation Poultry Show
Columbus, OH       Shawnee, OK
November 7, 8, & 9, 2014       Decemeber 13, 2014
contact: Eric Markley 419-303-6909       contact: Darrell Fowler
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Cornish Bantam Book

The Cornish Bantam books have arrived and I am ready to send them out. The final book cost is $12.00 plus $3.00, per book, for postage. Being that this is media mail, postage is a little more expensive. To date, we have sold more Cornish Bantams books to non-ICBA members than members. I am sure our membership sales will pick up soon.

In this revision, colored pictures are included. The book is well put together and I think you wold be pleased with the contents. Get yours today!

Please send payment to my address, located at Leadership Page.

Thank you. 



We hope that you enjoy the website. Please feel free to contact our Board or webmaster if you have any questions or comments.

Updated: December 21, 2014

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